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Charged up with billions of helpful bacteria, Recharge helps your digestive track to get back to full-power. By supporting digestive activity Recharge takes some work off your digestive track as it recovers.

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Packed with Powerful Bacteria




Getting back on Track...

The Right first Step

Recharge has been formulated to give your digestive track the supportive boost it needs to recover. Lactobacilli - the minions of the bacterial world - do the heavy lifting for your digestive track as it can take a breather and focus it's energy on recovery.

No gluten

No Gluten

No soy

No Soy

No dairy

No Dairy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Making informed decisions means making healthy decisions! We've collected a few of those questions that came up time and time again here!

Where can I find your products ?
Our Digest Life products are currently only available online through our store. We believe in a holistic, tailored approach to supplements and feel that wholesale as of now can not support the experience we want our customers to have.
Is Emma single ?
Wouldn't you like to know... Emma only dates dude with great guts. Obviously, since you're here, your gut isn't great. Emma's not looking for someone to "fix".